Bringing Sophia Home

We have been blessed with another precious treasure from China, we are raising the needed funds to bring her home. Thank you for helping us bring Sophia home.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Started off the post with pictures.  The first picture is of our time at the registration office shortly after we met, the second is back in the hotel and the third is M and E at the airport before I took off.

Today has been a long emotional day.  We had trouble sleeping last night so we have pretty much been up since 1am with a little nap in the wee morning.  At the CAB or registration office their were 40 families there and it was crazy and emotional.  Children crying everywhere.  Sophia was on major overload so we got out of there as quickly as possible.  She hadn't eaten for 7 hours or so we were told so she was starved and grieving.  By the time my mom and Grace ran into the Carrefour and got some formula S and I had begun to get to know each other and she no longer wants anything to do with anyone else.

Her cry is very heart breaking and it took quite a while to get her down tonight.  You could tell she was absolutely exhausted but couldn't get to sleep.  She is finally down and I am exhausted too.  I am so tired I can't really articulate how the day went.  I hope to be more coherant tomorrow after our final appointment at the CAB.


  1. hurray!!!!! i am so thankful you are there and holding your sweet daughter. and she is so beautiful!!! something about her reminds me of lulu which made seeing the pictures all the more special. looking forward to reading more. will pray you get some sleep tonight!
    erika pf---

  2. SHE IS PRECIOUS!! And how glorious to see both of you in the same photo!!! YAY!!!! I can't imagine being at the civil affairs office with 40 families! YIKES!! That had to take forever!

    Your angel has the most angelic little face!! She does look very serious, but Ellie did too at first. I bet she will loosen up a bit when her tummy has a chance to get REALLY topped off, and she's able to catch up on some sleep. Praying it all happens quickly and smoothly for you guys.

  3. Aws Mandie.....LOVE the pictures! Sophia is beautiful and does have that somewhat serious look, but soon she's gonna be a smiling girl. Give her some rest and some food and some wonderful momma lovin'...and she'll start turning the corner. It's so hard not for it to be over-the-top emotional when you're all exhausted. Try and rest with her, too!


  4. I have checked for this post so many times and SO thankful you have sweet Sophia in your arms!!! I pray for her heart and the huge adjustment she is making. She is just precious and I know you are so in love with her already!!! Can't wait to journey along with you every day!
    Blessings and sweet dreams!!!

  5. She is just awesome. Praying for you. I remember how hard it was to adjust to the time change.

  6. Mandie,
    She is so beautiful! I am crying tears of joy for you right now. :o)

  7. Congratulations! Whe is SO beautiful!!! I will be praying for Sophia's little heart and yours too!

    Love and blessings,

  8. So precious! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh Mandie, She's, so beautiful!!! I am so happy for you guys!! Praying that she settles in ya!!

  10. Oh my goodness Mandie!!! She is PRECIOUS! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so so happy for you and your family!! Praying the rest of the trip goes well.

  11. Mandie... she is gorgeous... oh, how I wish I could hug you - I know the crying is heartbreaking, but I pray the bonding is going well. love and prayers to you.

  12. Awww, I just love it when God's plan comes together! I'll be praying in Pennsylvania tonight!!!

    Mandie, Sophia is just beautiful! I know at the moment her little heart is just breaking, but very soon she's gonna be smilin' and lovin' life again!!