Bringing Sophia Home

We have been blessed with another precious treasure from China, we are raising the needed funds to bring her home. Thank you for helping us bring Sophia home.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Less than two weeks...

until Sophia is in my arms and part of her forever family.  Praise Jesus!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, prayed, advertised, prayed, encouraged, prayed.  You get the theme here!  Prayer is so very powerful and we appreciate every prayer that is said.  As our family prepares to be seperated for two weeks we know that we need your prayers more than ever.  This is going to be so hard on our two little ones who are missing their mom and our normal routine and then of course very hard on daddy who works long days and is doing all he can to help our kids cope while I am away.  Out of all of us I think my end of it will be easier, even with a grieving child and jet lag thrown in.  I could be wrong but I know how attached to our daily life our kids are.  Please keep on praying for us!

Fundraising, WOW!  We are so very close.  Every time I start to get discouraged the Lord sends someone my way to encourage.  As we wrap up our final fundraiser the hoodie, tee and military cap pre-sale I know that the Lord will provide.  This who journey has been a journey of learning to trust the Lord to show us that nothing is impossible.  If He gives you the vision he will provide the provision.  Being a human that is so hard to let go but I have learned so much in this journey.  Thank you to everyone who has been here with me.


  1. Mandie - I am sooo excited that you are down to days now before you hold Sophia! Can't wait to see Gotcha and praying those last needs of yours are met abundantly!! HUGS!!

  2. Two weeks!!! Praying that God keeps you safe as you travel to Sophia...and that God gives your hubby the strength to carry on until his beautiful wife returns with their newest precious one!
    God is so good when we trust in Him...simply amazing!!!

  3. YAY, YAY, YAY!!! Sophia's coming home!!! Can't wait!!!