Bringing Sophia Home

We have been blessed with another precious treasure from China, we are raising the needed funds to bring her home. Thank you for helping us bring Sophia home.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All is well with the three of us in GZ and with the family at home.  So glad that we were able to leave home before all the snow came.  It has delayed the delivery of the tshirts and hoodies so I only imagine it would have delayed our departure.

A brief run down of what we have been up to the last few days.  On Wednesday we visited the police station to apply for Sophia's passport and it was ready on Thursday afternoon just as Grace had hoped!  On Thursday we visited the Liu Hua Lake Park, it was beautiful, so many flowers and all perfectly groomed.  On Friday we visited the Yue Xiu Park, it's absolutely huge and is on a mountain.  Sophia decided to start walking when we are in public at the park.  She is one strong little girl, I couldn't believe she could walk up the hills the way she did.

Saturday was Sophia's visa medical appointment.  All went fairly well until the shot part, she had to get six shots, two of which are elective at home.  It was torcherous and I was very upset with the manner that it is done but I am so thankfull that the children being adopted won't have to go through this much longer.  The only thing that went through my head was thank you so much Mr. President that you didn't see fit to get your signature on that bill immediately upon passing.  If only those of power in our government had to endure what we then maybe it wouldn't not have happened.Sophia has ran a little bit of a fever but is really doing very well after the shots.  I feel so lucky that she hasn't had an adverse reaction, all our prayers are being answered.

Sophia and mommy are hanging out in the room this morning while Nani is going with our new travel group to the zoo.  Sophia has had some sneezes and a runny nose the last two days so we are having a quiet morning.  We will have to take another trip to Shamian this afternoon for laundry so a little down time is good.  Tomorrow morning our visa paperwork is turned in and the swearing ceremony is tomorrow afternoon.  We are now on the down hill of the trip.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOVE the photo of her sucking her thumb!!! SHE IS PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

  2. The photo of Sophia asleep is so sweet--peaceful with her momma knowing her family has found her!! Congratulations!!

  3. Oh, how I love the little thumb suckers! I got one, too! It is such a comfort for them!

    So glad you all are doing so well!!!