Bringing Sophia Home

We have been blessed with another precious treasure from China, we are raising the needed funds to bring her home. Thank you for helping us bring Sophia home.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puzzle Fundraiser - 110 pieces sponsored YAHOO!!!

Sponsored pieces of the Sophia puzzle
01 Eileen M                                    02 Joanne R
03 Samantha H                               04 Samantha H
05 Samantha H                               06 Vicki M
07 Eunice B                                    08 Leslie H
09 Leslie H                                     10 Leslie H
11 Leslie H                                     12 Leslie H
13 Leslie H                                     14 Leslie H
15 Leslie H                                     16 Leslie H
17 Bonnie B                                   18 Samantha H
19 Bonnie B                                   20 Sharon B
21 Sharon B                                   22 Bonnie B
23 Bonnie B                                   24 Beverly A
25 Beverly A                                  26 Beverly A
27 Beverly A                                  28 Beverly A
29 Addie T                                     30 Mona A
31 Mona A                                     32 Mona A
33 Mona A                                     34 Anni N
35 Anni N                                      36 Anni N
37 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les    38 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les
39 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les    40 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les
41 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les    42 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les
43 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les    44 Uncle Bernie & Aunt Les
45 Janie N                                      46 Karen R
47 Karen R                                     48 Carol W
49 Carol W                                     50 Carol W
51 Carol W                                     52 Carol W
53 Carol W                                     54 Carol W
55 Carol W                                     56 Anni N
57 Robin M                                     58 Robin M
59 Sharon B                                    60 Sharon B
61 Sharon B                                    62 Shawna O
63 Shawna O                                  64 Anne L
65 Anne L                                       66 Ciara S
67 Debbie W                                  68 Aunt CeCe
69 Aunt CeCe                                70 Michele & Andy
71 Shannon S                                 72 Granny
73 Granny                                      74 Granny
75 Granny                                      76 Granny
77 Granny                                      78 Granny
79 Granny                                      80 Granny
81 Granny                                      82 Granny
83 Granny                                      84 Granny
85 Granny                                      86 Granny
87 Granny                                      88 Granny
89 Granny                                      90 Granny
91 Granny                                      92 Granny
93 Granny                                      94 Granny
95 Granny                                      96 Granny
97 Granny                                      98 Granny
99 Granny                                     100 Peyton
101 Peyton                                   102 Peyton
103 Cathy W                                104 Tim S
105 Tim S                                     106 Tim S
107 Shelly R                                  108 Shelly R
109 Mona A                                  110 Mona A

We are in our final stages of fundraising as we have about a month left until I leave to pick up our precious Sophia.  We still need to raise $5000 to cover the rest of the fees to complete Sophia's adoption.  This is really a huge chunk, I know.  It is a little less than half of the in country expenses and it has taken us many months to raise the first portion.  We could really use your help to pay the ransom to bring God's treasure home.  So without further ado here it is:

This sweet photo that we received last weekend is being turned into a puzzle.  You can purchase a piece of the puzzle and be a lasting memory of all the people that stepped up to help bring this precious girl home.  I can not wait until we begin discussing her adoption story and I can tell her how each one of you helped bring her home.  With the purchase of a puzzle piece your name or message will be placed on the back of the puzzle piece and your name will be entered into our netbook giveaway.  Not only are we giving away a netbook but there are a bunch of other lovely items.  Take a look!

Winner!!!!! Bonnie B!!!!
 Next we have two beautiful tutu and shasta daisy sets from Sophia Jane Boutique.  The winners will be able to pick their favorite colors from the Sophia Jane inventory.

Yoga Frog skirt size 3 from A Cup Quite Full CreationsWinner!!!  Samantha

Pure Religion tee,  winner choice. Winner! Addie T 

A beautiful bracelet from overflowingpsalm325Winner! Shannon S.

Beautiful earrings from overflowingpsalm235.  Check out her etsy shop and see the talent of her family.  There is such a beautiful story behind this jewelry you can find it hereWinner!!!  Anni N
A blog make over from Forever Family Designs Winner!Anne L
Large "feed 1" t-shirt from 147 Million Orphans  Winner!!!  Peyton

Mary Kay® Body Care Collection Gift Set: Red Tea & Fig   Winners choice of Mary Kay's Red Tea and Fig or Lotus and Bamboo Complete Body set consisting of: Body Lotion, Bath and Shower Gel, Loofah Body Cleanser and Deo Body Sprintzer. From Mona Allen.

Pure Religion Military Cap in the winners choice of color Woodland or Stone.  Winner! Shelly R

Huge bundle of clippies from Yogi & CecilM wishes these were coming to our house!  Winner!!! Granny

Rocky Road Serving Bowl
Beautiful Rocky Mountain serving bowl from Sylvia HowesWinner! Beverly A

$25 iTunes gift card Winner!!!! Sharon B
$10 Starbucks gift card and a sipper slipper from A Cup Quite Full Creations.
Watch for additional prizes to be added.  If you would like to contribute an item to the giveaway please contact me at

You can purchase a puzzle piece to go toward Sophia's adoption fees through the "chip in" button on the side bar or contact me at, here is how it works:

Puzzle pieces are $15 each or three for $40, for each puzzle piece you purchase/sponsor you will receive one entry into the giveaway.
With the purchase of a puzzle piece you will receive additional entries for each blog post or link up in facebook.  You must leave a comment letting me know for additional entries.

The drawing will take place on November 8th.  As soon as the puzzle arrives I will start posting the progress on the completion of the sponsored pieces.  I can't wait to see your name on a piece.

While $5000 is a lot of money to you and I, it is nothing in God's economy.  We have a sweet little girl waiting for us in China and travel is just around the corner, please help us spread the word.


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